Meliora te ipsum is Latin for “better yourself”. Melior Botanicals was created because we believe you can become a better version of yourself with Hemp-based Cannabidiol (CBD) & Natural Herbs in your life. We believe this from our study of Peer reviewed Research, from our personal experiences with CBD and herbs, and from the feedback of people like you. Dan Grim and Bill Roberts, owners of Melior Botanicals, have been selling CBD products at Farmer’s Markets in California (Dan is pictured above with a customer at a San Diego Market.) They have heard the words and seen the faces of people with immediate results.

A perfect example would be the man who couldn’t believe his forearm finally felt relief from years of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. And, Dan and Bill have conversed with those that have needed time for the CBD to work. For example, there was a woman who after 7 days of daily use, can write grocery lists again because the pain of arthritis in her hands has been relieved. It is from all of this, that Melior Botanicals believes that CBD and herbs are viable and powerful options for your health and wellness.

In the end, Melior Botanicals wants what you want – we want to be a better version of ourselves by living healthy, clean & natural lives. That’s why we make the products we make. Consider Melior Botanicals on your journey to becoming a better version of yourself.

Jojoba Oil: (actually a liquid wax)
• Mimics our natural sebum
• Helps the hair skin and nails retain their natural oils
• Penetrates deep, purges toxins and denigrates buildup
• Extremely moisturizing yet light and quickly absorbs into the skin

Hemp Seed Oil:
• Extremely moisturizing
• High in omegas 3,6 and 9 fatty acids
• Relieves dry itchy scalp and treats dandruff, eczema and psoriasis

Jamaican Black Castor Oil:
• Antibacterial
• Antifungal
• Anti-inflammatory
• High in vitamins, minerals, proteins, omegas and fatty acids
• Increases blood circulation
• Cleanses the scalp of parasites and toxins that damage the hair and inhibit growth

Argon Oil:
• Regulates sebum
• Treats split ends
• Rich in fatty acids and vitamin e
• Tames frizz and strengthens hair

Papaya Seed Oil:
• Strong anti-oxidant
• Slightly exfoliating
• Natural skin brightener that lightens age and sun spots
• Shrinks pores and evens skin tone
• Soothes dry inflamed skin
• Improves elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and the appearance of scaring
• Promotes the regeneration of the skin

All the essential oils used are 100% pure, therapeutics grade, organic and sustainably sourced.
They have been G.C.M.S tested for absolute purity.

Lavender Oil:
• Anti-inflammatory
• Enhances circulation
• Inhibits acne causing bacteria
• Regulates over-excretion of sebum hormonally
• Reduces scaring
• Disinfects the scalp and skin
• Effective at treating hairloss (alopecia)
• Treats lice and nits

Rosemary Oil (Moroccan):
• Antioxidant
• Potent anti-aging effect
• Increases natural shine
• Helps heal blemishes
• Natural UV protectant
• Promotes hair growth, slows graying, treats dandruff, prevents dry scalp
• Can treat androgenetic alopecia (permanent balding)

Frankincense Oil (Carterii):
• Tones and lifts skin
• Reduces fine line, wrinkles and combats the loss of firmness
• Regenerates healthy cells, keeping cells and tissue healthy
• Astringent
• Potent anti-aging
• Eliminates age and sun spots
• Evens skin tone
• Brightens yellowing nails

Cedarwood oil (atlas):

• Anti-septic
• Anti-inflammatory
• Astringent
• Nourishes the skin and scalp
• Help strengthen the hair at the root to prevent breakage

Peppermint Oil:
• Anti-septic
• Greatly Increases circulation and blood flow
• Stimulates hair growth
• Adds shine and body to dull thin hair

Patchouli Oil:
• Anti-inflammatory
• Regenerates new skin cells
• Treats eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and skin sores
• Eliminates marks left by boils, acne and pox
• Speeds up the healing of cuts and wounds
• Fades scars